Website Gallery

Website Gallery

Since the beginning of the current decade, the team at Media Integrations has launched over 250 extensively researched, SEO-effective, user friendly websites.

Our web design clients have covered an amazingly wide range …  from high-end wedding cake makers, restaurants, sports bars and caterers, to plumbers, electricians, emergency restoration, HVAC, contractors and construction companies.  There have been plenty of health care providers, law firms, churches, accounting firms and real estate agencies. Plus businesses you might not expect, like bulk water providers for swimming pools, food testing certification companies, hypnotists, community arts festivals, fresh-caught seafood wholesalers, funeral video service providers and even North Carolina’s first fitness center for people and their dogs!

Here’s a very small sampling of our work!

Woofinwaggle is North Carolina’s first fitness center designed for owners and their dogs. Woofinwaggle also offers self-serve dog washing, pet grooming and other special events for you and your pooch. Media Integrations began work with Woofinwaggle in April 2016, creating their website and working with them on promoting and growing their business into 2019 and beyond.

Wellpath Acupuncture in Cary, NC provides a full array of treatments and services such as Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Support, Lifestyle Counseling. Media Integrations created their website in 2015.

The Mann Center is the arts and community center for Lee County, NC. Media Integrations finished their site in Spring of 2019, and continues working to keep their site up to date.

Pipeworx Plumbing offers commercial to Sanford, Pittsboro and central North Carolina. Media Integrations has been working with them since 2019, creating their website and creating video content for their business.

Expert Listener is the site for experienced speaker, facilitator, author, superior court mediator and life/business coach Marilyn Shannon. Media Integrations has been working with Marilyn since 2018, assisting her with planning events and the launch of her books as well as her website.